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Welcome to Lakepoint Fine Arts Centre

Explore a World of Arts and Crafts at Lakepoint Fine Arts Centre Inc. 

Discover a variety of classes for kids, including Art and Crafts, Music, Dance, and much more.


Art Classes

We design our art classes in a well-thought-out manner. Our experienced teachers, who are practicing artists, teach kids artistic skills and techniques while bolstering their wings of imagination. We set a specific goal for each art class and we make sure that your kid spends a productive time while having fun. Kids will get to explore various mediums like charcoal, watercolour, acrylic, pastel, and many more. We provide the complete infrastructure, including art supplies for the children to thrive artistically. 

Craft Classes

Our craft classes are stimulating, engaging, and a fun way to learn making 3D artwork with the help of fun scientific tricks.  Each class consists of a specific project, and we will explore various materials like clay, yarn, cardboard, recycle items, and many more during the process. Our teachers come up with innovative projects that not only enhance their artistic ability, they also spark curiosity about the science behind it. 


Digital Art Classes

At Lakepoint Fine Arts Centre, we believe that digital art is a portal to a world of limitless creativity. Our digital art classes for kids inspire young imaginations, allowing them to explore, learn, and create in the digital realm. From colorful illustrations to animated stories, our young artists are empowered to express themselves like never before. Join us, and let your child's creativity soar in the exciting world of digital art!


Dance Classes

Discover the world of dance with our exciting class offerings! We are thrilled to present a variety of dance styles, including Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Contemporary dances, specially curated for your children.

Don't miss the chance to immerse your children in the enchanting realm of dance. Secure their spots by booking now!


Music Classes

Parents, you can now easily book sessions for your kids through our website. Whether it's the melodic tunes of the piano, the rhythmic strums of the guitar, the enchanting sounds of the violin, or vocal training to express themselves through song, we have something for every young music enthusiast

Take the first step towards a harmonious journey in music education! Secure your child's spot today by booking sessions on our website. Let the music begin!

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