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Our Instructors

The Lakepoint Fine Arts Centre Inc. team is a vibrant group of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals, dedicated to creating the ultimate artistic experience. With years of experience in fine art curation, our team is uniquely qualified to find the best pieces to bring beauty and culture into any home or business.


Poulami Banerjee

Curriculum Designer/ Art Instructor


Lisa Azzano

Art Instructor

Lisa Azzano is a professional fine artist specializing in figurative sculpture. With over 29 years experience in the fine arts and the healing arts, Lisa combines these two art forms to create healing art pieces.                              She has lived and travelled widely across Europe and the East, and has spent time living and studying classical art in Florence, Italy. Her sculptures, paintings and drawings are in private collections world wide and have been exhibited in NYC and as far away as South Africa. 
Lisa is greatly inspired by nature and enjoys experimenting using classical techniques along with the addition of natural objects such as crystals, shells, moss, some precious metals and glass within her work.  Lisa continues to experiment, learning new skills, while sharing the joy of creating with 


Maryam Tavakoli Dastjerdi

Art Instructor

Maryam Tavakoli is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist based in Victoria, BC. Her practice questions the relationship between Identity, memory, and time. In her current works, she makes use of a variety of materials that can embody the vague distorted reflections of memory on identity through a combination of practices involving drawing, installation, and sculpture. She seeks to explore the concept of Identity through memories of lived life experiences, personal traumas, and the social/cultural structure of her home country. Tavakoli uses collage as a starting point for creating detailed and impactful charcoal drawings that incorporate family photographs and moments of human connection and remembrance. She has a Masters of Fine Arts degree from the University of Victoria and a Bachelor of Painting from the Art University of Tehran

Holly Bygrove

Art Instructor

My name is Holly Bygrove, I just graduated from OCADU this past September and decided to move back to the island since I grew up here. I studied Animation while getting my Bachelors of Fine Arts but have also taken courses in areas such as; painting, figure drawing, watercolor and printmaking. 
I love working with kids and have been working in various childcare positions for a few years now. 
I love to do life drawing in parks and figure drawing nights in my free time. I also have two cats so they are often my muse(s).


Art Instructor


Art Instructor

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