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Splattered Paint

Art and Craft

This service is not available, please contact for more information.

What we do?

Lakepoint offers an after-school 3D art class that stimulates the senses, sparks curiosity, and develops problem-solving skills. Every class will consist of one main project. During the process of making the main project, we will create a few small ones. Kids will learn about various materials like clay, wood, yarn, basic food items, stones, and the list goes on. Our instructors will show them a reference 3D work at the beginning of the class. They will also demonstrate the process of making it. Kids will get enough prospects to apply their individuality and creativity. Although the core project will be the same, they will all end up creating artworks that are distinctly different from each other. We provide the entire package of materials for every class. There will be a fifteen minute snack break halfway through the class.

Upcoming Sessions

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