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Splattered Paint

Water Color

This service is not available, please contact for more information.

What we do?

Do you want to introduce your kids to watercolor painting? Or your kid is already into watercolor? We plan our classes in such a way that it becomes a fruitful experience for kids who are in the beginner, intermediate, or advanced stages. We will suggest a theme for each class and we encourage kids to create a painting based on that theme. The theme guides their train of thought and minimizes the time they spend deciding what to draw. It also allows them to focus more on honing their techniques like color mixing, layering, masking, etc. Our instructors give special attention to individual kids so that they can create something beautiful in each class. We will provide watercolor, palette, brush, and everything that you need for an all-encompassing watercolor class. The after-school classes have a fifteen-minute snack-break.

Upcoming Sessions

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